Falmouth, MA

History 1995 – 2016

The Cape Cod Theatre Project is proud to have fostered the development of 76 plays since our first season in 1995.

The Trump Card created and performed by Mike Daisey, Directed by Isaac Butler
Burying Augustus by Ryan King, Directed Mike Donahue
Unseen by Mona Mansour, Directed by Johanna McKeon
1980 (Or Why I am Voting for John Anderson) by Patricia Cotter, Directed by Hal Brooks

Hillary and Clinton by Lucas Hnath, Directed by Chay Yew
Residence by Laura Jacqmin, Directed by Hal Brooks
a way to reach me by Kevin Armento, Directed by Ben Kamine
Love Shack in ’87 by Ryan King, Director Stella Powell Jones

The End of Beauty by Cory Hinkle, Directed by Mike Donahue
Just Lean Out Your Window and Shout by Hamish Linklater, Director Hal Brooks
SeaWife by the Lobbyists and Seth Moore, Directed by Liz Carlson
The New Sincerity by Alena Smith, Director Stella Powell Jones

Schooner by Rinne Groff, Directed by Trip Cullman
The Snow Geese by Sharr White, Director Hal Brooks
Grand Concourse by Heidi Schreck, Directed by Kip Fagan
Luce by JC Lee, Director May Adrales

The Orient Express (Or, the Value of Failure) Created and Performed by Mike Daisey, Directed by Jean-Michele Gregory
American Hero by Bess Wohl, Director Leigh Silverman
Chrysalis by Joshua Allen, Directed by Hal Brooks
The Money Shot by Neil LaBute, Director Carolyn Cantor

The Dark Pines by David West Read, Directed by Ian Morgan
23 Feet in 12 Minutes by Mari Brown, Director Pam Berlin
Pookie Goes Grenading by J.C. Lee, Directed by Giovanna Sardelli
And When We Awoke There Was Light and Light by Laura Jacqmin, Director Jackson Gay

Guidance by Daria Polatin, Director Mark Brokaw
The Color of Desire by Nilo Cruz, Director Carey Perloff
Second Year Senior by Neil LaBute, Directed by Andrew McCarthy
The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs – Created by Mike Daisey, Directed by Jean-Michele Gregory

Six by Zohar Tirosh, Directed by Ian Morgan
Creating Claire by Joe DiPietro, Directed by Christopher Ashley
Photograph 51 by Anna Ziegler, Directed by Evan Cabnet
Indio – Written and performed by Aladdin Ullah, Directed by Hal Brooks

Evie’s Waltz by Carter Lewis, Directed by Loretta Greco
REALITY! – The Musical – Book by Itamar Moses, Lyrics by Gaby Alter and Itamar Moses, Music by Gaby Alter, Directed by Michelle Tattenbaum
Last Gas by John Cariani, Directed by Andrew Polk
Nocturama by Annie Baker, Directed by Hal Brooks

Out Of The Water by Brooke Berman, Directed by Trip Cullman
Back Back Back by Itamar Moses, Directed by Pam MacKinnon
A Wake On Chappaquidick by Jessica Provenz, Directed by Kyle Donnelly
Tongues Will Wag – Written and performed by Mike Daisey, Directed by Jean-Michelle Gregory

Badcat by Leslie Ayvazian, Directed by Martha Banta
Love Lasts on Myrtle Avenue by Jimmy Breslin, Directed by Gordon Edelstein
Essential Self Defense – Written and Directed by Adam Rapp
Have You Seen Steve Steven by Anne Marie Healy, Directed by Andrew Polk

Port Authority Throw Down by Mike Batistik, Directed by Gia Forakis
Thanksgiving/Christmas by Joe Hortua, Directed by Christopher Ashley
Dearest Eugenia Haggis by Ann Marie Healy, Directed by Pam McKinnon
Autobahn by Neil LaBute, Directed by Erica Gould

BFE by Julia Cho, Directed by Gordon Edelstein
Kitty Kitty Kitty by Noah Haidle, Directed by Carolyn Cantor
World Thrown Tizzy by Joe Hortua, Directed by Kate Whoriskey
The Ugly American – Written and Performed by Mike Daisey, Directed by Jean-Michelle Gregory

Bay Windows And Shakes by Joe Hortua, Directed by Marshall W. Mason
Manuscript by Paul Grellong, Directed by Ethan McSweeny
While We Were Bowling by Carter W. Lewis, Directed by Gavin Cameron-Webb

Almost Maine by John Cariani, Directed by Gabriel Barre
Burning by Joe Hortua, Directed by Marshall W. Mason
Are We There Yet? by Garth Wingfield, Directed by Ethan McSweeny

Lilia! Written, performed and directed by Libby Skala
The Infinite Ache by David Schulner, Directed by Greg Leaming
Welcome To Westchester by Jeannie Zusy, Directed by Lisa Portes
The Treehouse by Etan Frankel, Directed by Ethan McSweeny

Longevity Abbreviated (or for Those Who Don’t Have The Time) by Carter W. Lewis, Directed by Gabriel Barre
Wilder by Erin Cressida Wilson, Directed by Lisa Portes. Musical Direction: The Red Clay Ramblers (Jack Herrick, Mike Carver)
Modern Orthodox by Daniel Goldfarb, Directed by Christopher Ashley

Jack, Jesus And The Brazilian Marrano by Daniel Goldfarb, Directed by Brad Rouse
One Under by Israel Horovitz, Directed by Joel Bishoff
Women Who Steal by Carter W. Lewis, Directed by Michael Warren Powell

A Sense Of Place by Lanford Wilson, Directed by Michael Warren Powell
Birdgirl by Anne Harris, Directed by Jim Bracchitta

After The Orchard by William M. Hoffman, Directed by Joumana Risk
Vick’s Boy by Ben Bettenbender, Directed by Michael Warren Powell
Miracle Mile – Written and Performed by Clark Middleton, Directed by Michael Warren Powell
The Kiss At City Hall by Joe DiPietro, Directed by Joel Bishoff

Emil by Ben Bettenbender, Directed by Andrew Polk
The Mineola Twins by Paul Vogel, Directed by Mark Ramont
The Sanctuary Club by Wesley Moore, Directed by Chris Payton

Scaring The Fish by Ben Bettenbender, Directed by Andrew Polk
Stanton’s Garage by Joan Ackerman, Directed by Christopher Payton
The Vast Difference by Jeff Daniels, Directed by Joel Bishoff