Falmouth, MA

What You’ll Do

Each day at the Cape Cod Theatre Project brings something new. As an Intern, perhaps you’ll assist a playwright track the changes of her latest draft. Or maybe you’ll participate in a workshop led by the weekly director of the reading. Or maybe you’ll have precious downtime to work on your own script or read a play by the beach. Some days will be longer than others, but you’ll remember why it’s worth it one night when you’re making ‘Smores on the beach with some of the most exciting and innovative professional theatre artists working today.

Whether it’s reading stage directions at our weekly presentations, working the box office the night of performances, or marketing the shows at the local farmer’s market, interns are the heart and soul of CCTP. Through work, interns learn what it takes to run one of the pre-eminent new play development destinations in the country. All of the staff and artists at CCTP take pride in how hard we work to create excellent new theatre, and we hope you will too.

As theatre artists know, the best way to learn is through a combination of observation, participation, and creation. At the Cape Cod Theatre Project, we want you to leave having learned a little bit of everything. Every Intern will work closely with the plays being developed, sitting in the rehearsal room and observing how professionals work. Master Classes will be conducted by invited artists, whether it’s a directing workshop from artistic director Hal Brooks, a playwriting seminar on the beach from Broadway-produced playwright Sharr White (The Other Place), or a late-night conversation about American theater with monologist Mike Daisey and director Jean-Michelle Gregory. The Intern Coordinator will lead group discussions and guide Interns through selected theatre exercises. Additionally, Interns are not only encouraged to develop their own individual projects over the summer, but also to create and perform an ensemble piece for the community of Falmouth at the end of July.

At the Cape Cod Theatre Project, we work hard because we play hard. We emphasize the “play” in new play development through encouraging our interns to broaden their theatrical horizons in preparation for their careers. While many days you’ll be working as assistants to artists and administrators, you’ll also have downtime to read plays at the beach, work on your own piece in the Intern house, or discuss what you’ve learned with a friend over a lobster roll on the Falmouth Green. We aim to facilitate life-changing friendships and experiences that will strengthen your career in theatre.